My Ethnicity

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One of my biggest pet peeves is when people ask me “Are you Chinese?”

The answer is… NO NO NOOOO! *Face palm* I’m not Chinese!

There are more Asian countries besides China. There’s Vietnam, Cambodia, North & South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Nepal, Mongolia, Taiwan, Philippines, and many more if you Google “Asian countries”.

For those who ask me properly about my race/ethnicity thank you for being polite!

However, I mentioned I’m Laotian and half Thai in my About Me. Some people do not see me as Asian, because of how I look. They have told me a bunch of time I look Hispanic and Indian, thanks to my parents for giving some nice genes! Whenever I tell people my ethnicity, they look at me lost and confused! They would ask me “What is that?” I would have to use the Asian cartoon characters from King of the Hill’s to let them know what I am LOL!

If you don’t know where Laos is, it’s between Thailand and Vietnam. The population as of 2019 there is 7.17 million people in the country. There is a bunch of nice places I’ve seen in pictures online. Our culture/traditional is very interesting to research, plus our food is THE BOMB! I love spicy food! My favorite food is laab (minced meat salad), khao poon (spicy noodle soup), khao piek sen (handmade tapioca and rice flour noodle soup), naem khao (crispy coconut rice), sai oua (pork sausage), tam muk hoong (papaya salad) those who know what I’m talking about… you know what I’m talking about!

photo found from Google

I have not got the chance to visit Laos or Thailand; in fact, I plan on to in the future. I would like to meet my other family members that did not get a chance to come to America. My dream vacation is to visit Phuket, Thailand! The island looks AMAZING! If any of y’all have not seen it… GOOGLE IT!

I hope everyone learned something from my blog šŸ™‚ Have a nice day loves!