What Ingredients Are Really In Beauty Products?

When we go shopping we buy things by how it looks, how it would work, or what someone recommend. I know some of us do not read the ingredients on the back. It can be confusing but it’s information we should dig deeper into.

There are many bad and good things that are in every product we need to be aware of. I’ve learn that the ingredients are listed in order from highest to lowest concentration. Hopefully, what I’m informing you will empower you to be a smarter skincare consumer!

If you would like to research your product, I’ll list the website and app you can download on your phone below! They are handy and they list ingredients that are actually in your beauty products!


photo screen shot from my iPhone

This website is easy to use, you can copy and paste all the ingredients on here, it shows ingredient analysis results, health ratings, and it list ingredients name and cosmetics functions with a note on the side.


photo screen shot from my iPhone

I love this site INCIDecoder! It’s very helpful it would list all the ingredient the way how you analyze the list. It would tell what each ingredient does on your face. There’s also a rating of irritancy/comedogencity, and ID-Rating, like if it’s icky, goodie, or superstar.


photo screen shot from my iPhone

The app has over 1 million products listed, its very simple to use! You can use keyword or barcode to search what you are looking for. It also has color codes for the ingredient listed from dirty (red), half n half (yellow), and clean (green).